Be Carbon Monoxide Aware

Too many people die each year in the UK from Carbon Monoxide poisoning and many become chronically ill. With symptoms including headaches and drowsiness, it’s often confused with flu.

Gas stoves, fires and boilers, gas powered water heaters, paraffin heaters, solid fuel powered stoves, wood burners, boilers and water heaters are all capable of producing Carbon Monoxide if not appropriately installed and maintained.

Carbon Monoxide can seep into properties via shared flues or chimneys and can even permeate through brick walls and plaster. This is how you may be poisoned in your own home by Carbon Monoxide from produced next door. That is why it is important to ensure your appliances are working properly and that as a second line of defense you have an audible Carbon Monoxide alarm installed.

A few simple steps, including an annual safety check by the relevant professional and getting your chimney swept, and using a CO alarm could all help prevent needless deaths. By reading the information contained on this website, you can stop yourself and your loved ones from becoming a Carbon Monoxide statistic.