What to do in an emergency

Make sure you know what to do and who to call in an emergency. If you suspect a Carbon Monoxide leak, stop using the appliance until it has been checked by either a registered installer or engineer.

You should open windows to ventilate the area, leave the room to get some fresh air and seek medical attention.

If someone is seriously ill from Carbon Monoxide poisoning it is vital that they are removed immediately from the contaminated area, placed into the open air and given pure oxygen, if available. Victims should be kept at rest, avoiding exertion. You need to call for medical help urgently.

If you receive medical attention, be sure to state that you suspect Carbon Monoxide poisoning to ensure you receive appropriate treatment, such as a breath or blood test.

Do NOT smoke, do NOT turn light switches on or off and do NOT do anything to create a spark. If possible extinguish or turn off the fuel supply. If you do not have to switch on a light to do so, open doors and windows and wait outside for the emergency engineer to arrive.

Have all appliances checked by a qualified engineer before reusing.

For emergency help related to gas call:

0800 111 999  
for England, Scotland and Wales
0800 300 363
for HSE Gas Safety advice

For emergency help with other fuels call:

Solid fuels call:

HETAS (Solid fuel). 0845 634 5626
NAPIT (Solid fuel & oil). 0870 444 1392
BESCA (Solid fuel & oil). 0800 652 5533

Oil call:

OFTEC (Oil). Tel: 0845 658 5080

All fuels call:

IPHE (All types of fuel). Tel: 0870 414 5533

If fire breaks out call 999 for the fire brigade.