COCAA – Who are we

The All Party Parliamentary Gas Safety Group launched an inquiry during 2006 into the level of awareness of Carbon Monoxide poisoning in the UK. A report entitled “Shouting about a silent killer: Raising Carbon Monoxide awareness” was published in September 2006 and a number of observations and recommendations were made by the Group.

Many of the recommendations were focused around the need for a single co-ordinating body to form a group with representatives from industry, government and charities, to work across all of the fuel types to co-ordinate campaigning on Carbon Monoxide.

The Carbon Monoxide Consumer Awareness Alliance (COCAA) was set up in response to the needs and recommendations made by the report . The Alliance consists of all the major energy retailers, representatives across all fuel types, victim support charities and representation for manufacturers of carbon monoxide alarms. The Alliance also aims to work closely with the Department of Health, the Department of Education and the Health & Safety Executive in order to achieve optimal results.

COCAA aims to be the leading authority on Carbon Monoxide poisoning awareness and campaigning. We believe that the responsibility for raising awareness on Carbon Monoxide poisoning is not something that can be given to any one individual or organisation. Therefore, all parties with a level of involvement in the issue have joined together to form the Alliance and show their support and willingness to participate in a combined campaign.

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