Why you should get your appliances checked annually

Appliances that are properly installed and serviced and have sufficient ventilation are usually efficient and safe.

To avoid the production of Carbon Monoxide and to make sure you and your family are safe you must have all your fuel-burning appliances safety checked annually by the relevant professional for your fuel type - either a CORGI, HETAS or OFTEC registered installer.

Make sure rooms and heaters are well ventilated and not blocked to stop draughts or to dry clothes.

  • Have your chimneys and flues checked regularly.
  • Get a Carbon Monoxide alarm for the house.

You increase the risk of your appliance producing Carbon Monoxide if it is badly installed or poorly maintained.

If you have a solid fuel appliance you should empty and check the ash can daily, clean the flue ways at the back of the boiler weekly and clean the throat plates at the top of the room heater monthly.

If you live in rented accommodation with gas appliances your landlord must provide you with proof that a CORGI registered installer has safety-checked the appliances within the last 12 months.

Chimneys should be swept regularly depending on the type of fuel and if used daily this could mean upto 2 or 3 times a year, but all chimneys should be swept annually.